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Lord-Lieutenant's award for young people

Image of the Lord-Lieutenant

Each year, the Lord-Lieutenant celebrates the achievements of young people in Leicester and Leicestershire.

The Lord-Lieutenant’s award for young people focuses on five themes. The nominations must demonstrate that the young person has made a contribution to society which meets the criteria set out below:

1. Stand up and be counted: Young Braveheart of the Year

To be given to an individual who has:

  • overcome personal barriers to achieve success
  • made a stand against bullying, racism
  • demonstrated a life-saving act of bravery

2. Show that you care: Young Volunteer of the Year

To be given to an individual who has:

  • enhanced their local community or environment
  • cared for a neighbour or relative in need
  • helped to run a community or sports based club or society

3. Push the boundaries: Young Most Improved Sports Person of the Year

To be given to an individual who has:

  • made significant progress in the field of sport over the past 12 months
  • demonstrated promise, dedication and determination
  • exceeded expectations in their sporting performance or made a big difference to a team

4. Express yourself: Young Artist of the Year (The Joe Humphries Memorial Award)

Joe was a talented young person with a passion for the arts. Joe passed away unexpectedly in 2012 with SADS (Sudden Arrythymic Death Syndrome). You can read more on the Joe Humphries Memorial website.

This award will be given to a young person who has demonstrated real skill, innovation, and expression in:

  • visual arts
  • expressive arts
  • literature
  • music

5. Show compassion for the fallen: Young Writer of the Year

During the four years of commemorating the centenary of the First World War this award carries a special category dedicated to that commemoration.

This year the special award will be given to a young writer who puts themselves in the place of a new recruit. The year is 1916 and a young Scottish man, William Hackett, finds himself lying awake whilst staying overnight in Leicester’s YMCA on his way to basic training on Salisbury Plain… He is writing home to his mother and many emotions are going through his mind at the time of writing.

How to nominate

To nominate someone for Young Braveheart, Volunteer, Sportsperson, Artist complete the online nomination form below.

Nominate a young person

For young writer of the year, please visit the School Development Support Agency's website to view the film of William Hackett as he sets about writing home. Having watched the film you will have a good understanding of how William is feeling. Then complete the online form and submit with your story.

Nominate a young person for writer of the year

Alternatively you can email and request a paper copy of either nomination form.

Make your nomination by 31 January 2016.

Appeal for nominations for The Lord-Lieutenant's Award 2016


  • The award is open to young people aged 13-19 (on 31 January 2016) living or attending full-time education in Leicester or Leicestershire
  • The young person can be nominated by other young people, their school, parent/carer or any other agency
  • Joint or group nominations cannot be accepted

There will be a separate award for each category. From the winners of these categories one person will be announced as Lord-Lieutenant’s Young Person of the Year 2016.

Nominators are asked to suggest an appropriate prize to the value of £500. The suggested prize should be beneficial to the nominee’s interest, studies or current or future employment.

Judging the award

A panel of judges, which will include young people and chaired by the Lord-Lieutenant, will consider all nominations meeting the criteria for the award.

The judges will shortlist three young finalists in each category of the award.

The finalists and their parents will be invited to our special ‘red carpet’ awards evening and dinner on Friday 22nd April 2016 to be hosted by the Lord-Lieutenant.

The finalists will each receive a framed certificate acknowledging their personal achievement together with a prize.

Category winners will be announced ceremony - each winner receiving a prize to the value of £500.

The Lord-Lieutenant’s Young Person of the Year will receive a special trophy.

2015 award ceremony

Want to see more? You can take a look at the photos taken at the 2015 awards ceremony.

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