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Marriage FAQ's

Where can I get married?

If you wish to marry by civil ceremony, at a register office or other building approved for civil marriage in Leicestershire, you will need to contact the Ceremonies Officer for the area where you wish to marry. If you are both legally free to marry you can make a booking up to 3 years in advance. Elsewhere contact the Superintendent Registrar for the district where you wish to marry. You may marry at any register office in England or Wales. However, for a marriage in an approved premise e.g. a hotel licensed by the local authority, you will also need to make arrangements at the venue. In addition, you will both need to give a formal notice of your marriage to the superintendent registrar of the district where you live.
Non British Citizens should contact their local Registration Office for further information or visit the Home Office Website.
Giving Notice of Marriage in Leicestershire
If you live in Leicestershire you can choose to attend any Leicestershire County Council registration office to give notice of your intention to marry. You do not have to go to the one nearest to your home. All offices operate an appointment systems so please contact the bookling line on 0116 305 6565.

Can I get married outdoors?

No this is not possible. The law does not allow for civil marriages to take place in the open air, a tent or marquee, or in any other movable structure, such as a boat or hot air balloons.

How soon can I book my marriage date?

Marriages in Leicestershire can be booked at the earliest 3 years in advance of the date or at the latest 29 days in advance as long as you are both free to marry.

Are there any legal requirements?

Yes. They are called the Notice of Marriage. This is a legal document, which has to be prepared by the Superintendent Registrar or a Deputy Superintendent Registrar at the Register Office in the district in which you live. This document is valid for one year from the date you gave notice and you must be married within this period. Both parties to the marriage need to attend to give a Notice of Marriage, this may well be at a different office from the one you have chosen for your marriage. Both notices of marriage must be given at least 29 days before the ceremony date. There is a fee payable to the Superintendent Registrar at the time you give your Notice of Marriage.
If you have made a provisional booking you should give notice of marriage as soon as you can. Your provisional booking will be kept for three months in order that you may arrange an appointment to give your Notice of Marriage.

What documents need to be produced?

When you meet the superintendent registrar to make the formal arrangements, you will need to produce certain documents. You will need to give evidence of your name, age, marital status, nationality and current address.
A current full passport would be the preferred document (or where appropriate a national identity card which must specifically state the nationality of the holder). If you believe yourself to be British and this is not available a birth certificate must be produced with extra ID in the form of a medical card or driving license. However, if you were born after the 31st December 1982 and do not hold a British Passport you will need to produce your full birth certificate for nationality purposes. Please contact your local registration office who will be happy to advise you on this matter.
If you are not British and do not hold a current Passport or an ID card, please call your local registration office immediately for advice.
(i) utility bill dated no more than three months before the date on which notice of marriage is given ( this is for services received at the property e.g. gas / electric / water / landline telephone / cable / broadband but not a mobile phone bill);
(ii) bank or building society statement or passbook dated no more than one month before the date on which notice of marriage is given;
(iii) council tax bill dated no more than one year before the date on which notice of marriage is given:
(iv) mortgage statement dated no more than one year before the date on which notice of marriage is given;
(v) current residential tenancy agreement;
(vi) valid United Kingdom driving licence in the name of the person giving notice of marriage (full or provisional issued by the United Kingdom, Isle of Man or Channel Islands);
(vii) letter from the owner or proprietor (“X”) of the address which is the person’s place of residence which—
a) confirms it is the person’s place of residence,
b) states that X is the owner or proprietor,
c) states X’s name,
d) states X’s address, and
e) is signed and dated by X within one month of the date on which notice of
marriage is given.
If you have been married before you will need to produce documents to confirm that you are now free to marry. These could include either a divorce decree absolute bearing the court’s original stamp, or the death certificate of your former husband or wife.
If you plan to produce a document as proof of nationality, age, address or marital status which shows a name which you no longer use, then proof of the link between that name and the current name must be proved.  Again, please contact your local registration office who will advise on this matter.
Depending on your individual circumstances, other documents may be required, but your local superintendent registrar will be able to advise you. You should be aware that photocopies are not acceptable.
Leicestershire Registration Service offer an appointment system, and you should ring 0116 305 6565 to book an appointment.

What will happen on the day of my marriage?

If you are marrying in a register office, approved premises or religious building (where a Registrar needs to attend), the registrar will see you both in private before the ceremony (this does not have to be together). This is to check the details to be entered into the marriage register. You will each be asked for the following information:
Wedding Couple Near Open Water by Martin Neeves Photography LtdYour full name, age, occupation and the address of your residence on the day of your marriage.
The full name and occupation of your father and whether he is retired or deceased.
It is your responsibility to provide two witnesses to the marriage who are usually friends or relatives. They must be able to understand what is taking place and be able to give evidence of what they have seen and heard in the unlikely event that this should become necessary.
If you are being married in a register office or approved premises you may video and photograph your ceremony.
Once the ceremony is over the registrar will ask you to check that your details have been correctly entered in the marriage register. Please check them carefully, as there can be problems if errors have to be corrected at a later date. You will then be asked to sign the register, your two witnesses will then be asked to sign followed by the Superintendent Registrar or Minister who conducted the marriage ceremony and finally the registrar.

I want to get married abroad. What happens now?

Getting married abroad can be very exciting and romantic. To find out exactly what you need to get married overseas, you will need to contact the authorities of the relevant country. We suggest you have a look at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for advice.

I will be changing my name when I get married, how do I change my passport?

There are so many things to organise when getting married that changing your name on your passport may get overlooked. To find out what you need to do to get your passpost changed see the Identity & Passport Service website.

Where can I get further advice on my marriage ceremony?

If you need help understanding any of this information or if you are uncertain about any aspect of your marriage ceremony, your local superintendent registrar will gladly give you further advice. You can contact us by calling 0116 305 6565.
Alternatively, further information may be obtained from the General Register Office website.

Page Last Updated: 4 March 2015