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Managing Pressure - Changing the Situation

One way to reduce the pressure in your life is to consider the appropriateness and feasibility of changing the situation that is causing or contributing to your stress.
Consider the following:
  • Altering or reorganising your life.  For example, negotiating a temporary reduction in working hours to free up time to deal with a pressing family concern.  Arranging paid help in the house to reduce the pressure of working full time and running a home and caring for a family.
  • Developing skills.   Would you benefit from devoting more time to improving cerrtain skills for example, time management, communication or assertiveness skills?
  • Let go or delegate
  • Walk away
If you do decide to make changes, note those that need the support and co-operation of others and ask for help and advice that you need.

Page Last Updated: 3 November 2004