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Further Information

Contact: Children's Social Care Enquiries
Telephone: 0116 305 0005

Child Protection - Everybody's Business

The safety and welfare of children - or child protection - is everybody's business. You could be a neighbour, friend, parent, relative, childminder, teacher or doctor - or working for any organisation which has contact with children and young people.
Child protection means protecting children from physical, emotional or sexual abuse or neglect. It also means helping children to grow up into confident, healthy and happy aduIts.
Child abuse hits the headlines on a regular basis. We read and hear horrendous stories about neglect and cruelty, about 'the system' letting children down and about professionals who got it wrong - either by getting involved too late or 'interfering' too early. But it's always the bad news which makes the headlines and these cases are actually very few and far between.
In the majority of cases, we make sure that children are protected and safe from harm.
So what do child protection and child abuse actually mean? What's the truth about child protection? Who's involved?
And what happens when people have concerns about child abuse?
The information on this website tries to give some answers to these questions and to dispel some of the myths around child protection work. It also explains how no one organisation can work in isolation alone. In fact, Childrens Social Care, the Police, Probation, Health, Education, the NSPCC and other organisations work together in the best interests of the child.
If you have a concern you can contact us via E-Mail, Phone: 0116 305 0005, Fax: 0116 305 0011  or complete the online referral form
For further information and advice please go to the Local Safeguarding Board Website, where you will find information covering such issues as what to do if you have concerns about a child to allegations against staff.
Joint Letter in Response to Jay Report, by Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education and Eric Pickles (PDF, 180kb)

Page Last Updated: 8 October 2015