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Recent Consultations - Results and Outcomes

Consultation is about two way communication and we feel that it's very important that you are able to see what has happened as a result of you having your say. In this section you will find the results and outcomes for recent major consultations undertaken by the County Council.  By clicking on the relevant links below you can view why the consultation was undertaken, who got involved and also the results and outcomes from the consultation exercise.  If you want more than just an overview of the results then you will find press releases, cabinet reports and other relevant documents and web pages to enable you to see what we are doing and why.
Market Harborough New Library and Museum Consultation
Draft Eligibility Criteria for the new "Leicestershire Welfare Provision"
Charnwood Forest Consultation
Proposed Changes to School Transport Policy

Consultation on Proposed Changes to School Transport Policy

The council is proposing a policy that would provide free transport to the nearest academy or maintained school only - if this is over two miles for children in primary education and over three miles for children in secondary education. This is the nearest school or academy to the child's home address which has available places at the time when school places are allocated. It may not necessarily be the admissions catchment area school or one of the preferred schools applied for in the admissions process.
Consultation Period: was  Monday 27th January - 12th March 2014
Who got involved: Open to everyone.
Results The analysis of consultation responses will be available by late April.  

Market Harborough New Library and Museum Development Plans

Plans for a shared space hosting the library and museum on the first floor of the council offices in Market Harborough town centre are now available and Leicestershire County Council are inviting people to comment. These plans show concept drawings and represent the first stage of ideas about how the new facility might look. The plans are available online and in Market Harborough, Kibworth, Fleckney and Lutterworth libraries. There will be equal access for all visitors from the front of the building on Adam and Eve Street, and also customer toilets on the first floor. The proposals show a children's area which will include books and other library resources and museum exhibits. There will also be a shared local studies area. The Hallaton Treasure gallery will be reinstated. The development is part of a larger project led by Harborough District Council to refurbish its Adam and Eve Street headquarters building in Market Harborough. Further details about the whole project are available at
Consultation period: was 27th February 2013 –6th March 2013
Who got involved: Open to anyone
Results: Please click here.

Draft Eligibility Criteria for the new "Leicestershire Welfare Provision"

The Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) will from 1st April 2013 transfer the responsibility for the discretionary funding from the current Social Fund to Local Authorities. The transfer of responsibility from DWP is made without any guidance and a reduced funding framework.
Leicestershire County Council has been developing a local scheme in consultation with a multi-agency group of stakeholders. Following feedback from an earlier survey, the eligibility scheme for the new service has been revised. The detail of how the new service will be provided is also now included.
The new scheme is to be called “Leicestershire Welfare Provision” (LWP).
Consultation period: 30th January 2013 – 28th February 2013
Who got involved: Open to individuals and organisations
Results: Please click here.

Charnwood Forest Consultation

Leicestershire County Council and its partners are applying for a Landscape Partnership grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to help manage and promote the unique cultural and heritage features of Charnwood Forest. To support this funding bid, we are asking you for your views on how you use the area at the moment and what you would like to see happen there in the future. Please let us know your views by completing the questionnaire below.
Consultation period: 17th January 2013 – 1st March 2013
Who got involved: Open to anyone
Results: Please click here.

Page Last Updated: 14 March 2014