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Find different types of care homes and housing for elderly, disabled or vulnerable people and how to pay for them

  • Find a care home 

    If you’re no longer able to live in your own home even with help, you may want to move into a care home where you can get 24-hour help

  • Funding care in a care home 

    If you have to move into a care home, you may qualify for financial help. If you have to pay some or all of the costs of your care in a care home, there are various ways to pay. You won't have to sell your home in your lifetime to pay for your care.

  • Your benefits when you move into a care home 

    Some of the benefits you and your carer (or your husband, wife, civil or unmarried partner if they’re not your carer) get will stop or change because you’re no longer living at home.

  • Sheltered and warden-assisted housing 

    Where to find sheltered and warden-assisted housing.

  • Extra care housing is coming to Loughborough 

    County council looking for over-55s with eligible care needs

  • Shared Lives service 

    Shared Lives care is where families or individuals share their home and day to day lives with people who need help and support

  • Care Act and what has changed 

    The way that you get some services from us may have changed. You may not see any difference to your care because we are already doing many of the things the new Care Act says we must.


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