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If you’re no longer able to live in your own home even with help, you may want to move into a care home where you can get 24-hour help

Types of care homes

There are 2 types of care homes:

  • residential care homes – offer 24-hour care and staff help with washing, dressing, using the toilet and having meals
  • nursing homes – offer the same as residential care homes and 24-hour medical care from qualified nurses

Care homes vary in size – from smaller homes for just a few people to larger homes that can accommodate more than 100 people.

Care homes can be run by:

  • local councils
  • voluntary organisations and charities
  • private companies and individuals

Specialist care

Some care homes offer specialist care for:

  • adults over 65 years old
  • adults under 65 years old
  • dementia
  • mental health conditions (other than dementia)
  • physical disability
  • deaf, hard of hearing, blind and deafblind (known as ‘sensory impairments’)
  • learning disabilities
  • alcohol problems
  • drug problems

Some nursing homes offer

  • diagnosis and screening for health problems
  • treatment for disease, disorder or injury

If you don’t need as much care as a care home provides, you may be able to move into sheltered or warden-assisted housing or with another family. Some sheltered housing offers help with things like washing and dressing, meals and activities.


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