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Housing for learning and physically disabled people

There are many different types of housing for a young person or adult with special educational needs, mental ill health or a disability (SEND). You can have continuous care, live in someone else's home or get help to live on your own or with friends.

Shared lives care

Shared lives care is where you stay with another family

You can stay with a family:

  • for the day or overnight
  • for a short break
  • for a long time

You will have a shared lives carer

The person whose home you’ll live in will be your shared lives carer.

You decide what things you want to share with them. 

Things like:

  • what you do during the day
  • what you like doing in the evenings and at weekends
  • the things you need help with

A shared lives carer can help you with:

  • taking any medicines
  • washing your hair, having a bath or shower
  • managing your money
  • cooking
  • going out and about, to do the things that you enjoy

Apply for shared lives care

  • You can ask your Social Worker, friend or someone your trust to apply for you.
  • You can apply by yourself or ask someone to speak for you
  • Telephone  0116 305 0004

If you have a social worker, you should contact them directly or telephone your local office.

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