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Equipment to help with dementia

If you or someone you know is living with dementia, there are products available that act as reminders or alarms to help keep you safe and stay in your own home.

You can get:

  • calendar clocks
  • memo minders - eg to remind someone to take medication or put a chain on the door
  • locating devices
  • large button mobile telephones
  • door and bed alarms - to alert a carer when someone opens the door or gets out of bed

Getting the equipment to help you

We will talk with you, your family and your carer if you have one, to help us understand what you need. 

This is called an assessment.

You can book an assessment with us to talk about and decide which equipment would be helpful.

There may be a charge for equipment.


Mats and sensors (known as bed alarms will send a signal to act as an alert when someone gets out of bed. You can get them from NRS healthcare.

You can also find help and equipment from:


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