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Looking after yourself if you're a carer

Caring can be very demanding, physically, mentally and emotionally, which in turn, can affect the carers health.  According to Carers UK, carers are more likely to be in poor health, both physically and mentally, than people without caring responsibilities.

What you can do if you are a carer

Recognise yourself as a carer

Recognising yourself as a carer can help you to find out how to deal with some of the emotions and feelings, as well as practical challenges that come with being a carer.

Take time out for yourself

Think about the last time you went out in the evening, went for a swim, caught up on sleep, met up with friends or had a holiday?  When did you last have a chance to do all the things you would like to do, but feel you can’t do while you are caring?

Get enough sleep

This is sometimes easier said than done.  Sleep is a vital part of our daily life and important for our physical and mental health.

Talk about it

Carers may find that talking about being a carer is helpful and can provide answers and a sense of relief to caring problems.

Contact Support for Carers Leicestershire

Telephone advice line is open from Monday to Thursday from 9.00am to 5.00pm and on Fridays from 9.00am to 4.30pm.

Tell your GP you are a carer

If your GP knows that you are a carer and that you may be under pressure at times, they will find it easier to offer the advice and support you need.

Plan ahead in case of emergencies

It may be useful to think about a situation that might happen that would result in you not being able to provide the care, and what you would do. Thinking about this in advance can make it easier to deal with if that situation occurs.

The following websites are for people providing care.

Leicestershire Support For Carers
Join us - Carers UK
Your guide to care and support - Care and support guide - NHS Choices

You can look after yourself by making easy changes to your daily routine:

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