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Learning disabilities: Community Life Choices

Community Life Choices

Getting help to go to activities and with getting out and about in Leicestershire is called Community Life Choices. This used to be called Day Services.

There are activities available during the day, evenings and at weekends.

You can get help with finding a job, training and finding employers in your area

If you have a disability, Disability Employment Advisers at your local Jobcentre can help you with:

  • finding out what type of work or training suits you best
  • getting your own work adviser (‘Pathways to Work’ personal adviser) if you really need one
  • getting put on a work programme, like Work Choice or Access to Work
  • arranging for you to get a detailed review with a ‘Work Psychologist’ to identify the best work or training for you
  • arranging to be sent details of jobs that match your experience and skills - job matching service
  • finding information on employers in your area who help people with learning disabilities in the workplaces they run ('two ticks' disability symbol)


• You can ask your social worker or a friend to contact us
• You can contact us yourself or ask someone to speak for you

Learning opportunities for adults with learning difficulties or disabilities

Find out about courses for young adults with special educational needs and/or disabilities

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