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Report animal health and welfare issues

If you're concerned about the health and welfare of any farm animals, e.g. cows, sheep, pigs, deer, goats and poultry, etc. you can report it to our animal health officers online.

For concerns regarding other species, please contact the RSPCA or other relevant bodies.

Health and welfare issues that you could report include:

  • animal feed hygiene
  • illegally imported animals – imported animals that don’t meet the strict guidelines that prevent the introduction and spread of disease
  • farm animals straying on the roads
  • sick, injured or dead farm animals found at livestock markets, on farms, in fields, on footpaths or by the side of the road

Animal health and welfare issues

All fields are mandatory unless stated otherwise.

Do the animals have any ear tags?

Your contact details

We may need to contact you for further information, however, you can remain anonymous.


Your information will be treated confidentially and stored securely in line with our Privacy Notice.  You will only be contacted if we need more information or to clarify the details.

Animal feed guidance


The feed provided to farmed animals is strictly controlled, it must be safe for animals to eat and not affect the meat, milk, eggs and other foods that our farmers produce.

Animal Health Officers carry out routine inspections at all sorts of feed businesses - manufacturers, transporters, retailers and farmers - to check these standards are being met.

The Food Standards Agency provides guidance on feed hygiene controls, for manufacturers, transporters, retailers and farmers.


Feed manufacturers - including pet food and pet treat manufacturers, transporters, retailers and farmers must register with us using our animal feed registration form.

Animal feed registration form  Opens new window

Guidance for farmers

Useful information for farmers:

Law on the health and welfare of livestock (Business companion)

Keeping farmed animals, including identification, registration and movements (

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