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Become a Covid 19 health champion

Volunteer as a Covid 19 health champion and help to keep Leicestershire safe.

Covid health champions: we need you to help spread the facts

Covid 19 continues to have an impact on Leicestershire. The situation in the county is worrying for all of us, and we must protect those we love - our families and communities. We also need to make sure our hospital staff can continue to do their vital work – and coronavirus is having a negative impact on this too. 

How you can help as a Covid 19 health champion

We’re empowering our residents to become Covid 19 health champions and be a voice in their community to help keep people informed, aware and help to make a difference. 

We’ll keep our Covid 19 health champions up to date with the latest advice and guidance via WhatsApp - or another way if you'd prefer - so that you can help your family, friends and other community members to make sense of the latest facts about the virus.

By having and sharing clear information, however you want to, you, your friends, family and community can make informed choices that may save lives. 

You'll let us know what is and isn't working at monthly online catch-ups, which you can attend if you're able to and want to.

Register your interest in becoming a Covid 19 health champion

If you think this sounds like something you'd like to do, then register your interest in voluteering for this opportunity by using our short online form below.

Register your interest in becoming a Covid 19 health champion  

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