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How to apply to adopt

Applying to adopt a child is a two stage statutory process, which involves training and preparation for one of the most important journeys in your life.

Adoption - how it works

What happens first

Get in touch either by phone or join us at one of our Find out about Adoption events. This will give you the opportunity to learn about the adoption process, meet some of the team and hear from some parents who have already adopted.

Adoption is a two-stage process. So during this time you can expect to:

  • meet adoptive parents and social workers to find out about adoption first hand
  • have your questions about adoption answered
  • be seen by a social worker in your own home
  • be asked detailed questions about your own background and circumstances

This preparation and assessment process is thorough, but, as you can understand, this is for a very good reason.

Adoption is about finding the best Forever Families for our children and ensuring our adopters have the best support, training and knowledge possible.

Adoption is also a major decision for you. The assessment process gives you an opportunity to take an honest look at why you would like to adopt, what skills and experience you have and how you can be the best adoptive parent.

There is a government gateway where you can find out lots of information about adoption, including adopters experiences of the process and further information to support you. It can be find here at

What happens next

Stage 1 of the process involves checks and references and lasts for two months. During Stage 2 you will be guided through by your own social worker, who will visit regularly, to get to know you and understand if adoption is right for you. this typically lasts for four months. Both stages include training sessions that will be arranged at the beginning of the whole process with you.

Nearly everyone who completes the adoption process is recommended for adoption.
If you aren’t -  you can ask for your case to be reviewed by the Independent Review Mechanism.

How long does it take

The process takes an average of six to eight months.

We will look nationally for the right child or children for you, but we do match the majority of adopters with Leicestershire children.




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