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Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) school transport

Your child may be able to get free transport to school if they are aged 5 to 16 and have special educational needs or a disability (known as SEND). You may need to pay for transport if your child is under 5 years old and going to nursery or 16 to 25 years old and going to school or college.

Using the transport

Your child may get a place on or in:

  • one of our specialist buses with disabled access
  • a school contract bus
  • in a taxi

What transport they get will depend on their needs. Your child will get extra help if it is assessed they need it including:

  • picking up and dropping off at your home
  • an escort to travel with them

Transport to another address

Email SEN Transport at if you need your child’s school transport to pick them up or drop them off somewhere other than their home address.

We will usually only do this if all of these apply:

  • the alternative address is within 1 mile of your home or is already a stop on the route
  • going to the alternative address won’t cost us any more
  • the extra journey won’t have an impact on other children’s journey times and pick up and drop off places

We won’t rearrange pick-up and drop-off times to suit your family circumstances. We may need to stop the journey to the alternative address. We will give you at least 2 weeks’ notice if we do.

Changes to the route and timetable

We will contact you if there is a change to your child’s school transport, for example, a change of:

  • operator because of a vehicle breakdown or driver illness
  • route and timetable because of roadworks or picking up another child

Further information

For further information, please see the SEND Home to School / College Transport Policy.

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