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Further education for special educational needs and disabilities

When you reach 16 years old, you can choose to go on to get qualifications at a further education (FE) college or sixth form college.

Courses for young people with profound learning disabilities

The Transitions Learning Programme (TLP) is for young people who can’t be taught on one of the further education college courses for young people with learning difficulties.

The TLP is taught in a building at Rawlins Community College. It lasts for 3 years. 

What and how your child will learn

The programme uses activities to develop your child’s skills in:

  • communication – including how to use equipment and technology
  • numeracy
  • literacy

For example, in a cookery lesson, your child will learn numeracy skills like weighing, measuring and counting. 

The programme will be adapted to what your child needs. Each child follows their own daily timetable. 

Sensory learning

Students may be blind, deaf or be restricted in their movements. So tutors use a child’s other senses to help them learn. For example:

  • students are given food to smell and taste
  • scent is added to paint in art and craft sessions
  • sounds are held closer to students
  • tutors support students’ hands to help them to touch things

Tutors watch the students’ reactions and adapt the programme to each student’s needs.

Getting on to the Transitions Learning Programme (TLP)

Your child’s school may contact us about your child if they think your child would benefit from the TLP. We will then assess your child.

Telephone the TLP on 01509 622823 and ask to speak to Sally Redfern. 

Your child can start the TLP in September after their 18th birthday. 

There is room for 7 students on the programme. 


You won’t have to pay for this course. It’s funded by us and the NHS. 

Leaving the TLP

The team at the TLP will help you and your child to decide what they should do next.

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