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Autism Outreach Team (AOT)

Part of our Local Offer providing advice and support to children, families and education establishments across Leicestershire. We advise education establishments on how to best meet the needs of pupils on the Autism Spectrum. We also offer child specific advice for children with an Autism Spectrum (ASD) diagnosis aged 5–19 years.  

The AOT are the East Midlands Hub for the Autism Education Trust providing training across the whole region.

Working Practice

How the Autism and Learning Team operates.

AOT and LS working practice document 2020/21  Opens new window

How to get our support

All Leicestershire schools have an assigned AOT teacher. We expect, in line with the SEN Code of Practice, that educational settings need to upskill their staff by providing appropriate training. (we recommend Autism Education Trust – Making Sense of Autism) for the majority of their staff before we will become involved.  

The AOT accept individual pupil referrals from schools within Leicestershire. All children would have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum and would be enrolled to a school or FE college within Leicestershire.  

After the lady from the Autism Service visited my son in school, he came home and said "She is the first person in my whole time at school that has ever really listened to me and felt that she got it!" She is the first person that I felt really understood the issues I face every day.

Parents and carers can contact AOT for advice and telephone support. We would encourage parents and carers to contact  their child’s school first for information, parent training and resources that are available.

Working with others

It is important to us to hear the voice of the child we are working with, we will do this in several ways:

  • Through a direct chat with the student 
  • We’re happy to receive written evidence (email, story, letter) from the student 
  • A picture, painting or art work that depicts feelings and emotions  
  • A video or multi-media approach sharing information (powerpoint presentation etc) 
  • An interview sent to us – and/or a collection of information from peers/siblings or other family members 

We also aim to work closely with parents. Parents will be included in the school referral meetings. AOT are an educational based team supporting children through their school, where required.  

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you, and your team, for all your advice, guidance and support

We offer training to schools and other partners. AOT is the Strategic Lead for the Autism Education Trust 

We provide training courses for professionals working with autistic students or wanting to extend their knowledge of autism.

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