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Ecology: commercial enquiries

The Leicestershire and Rutland Environment Records Centre (LRERC) is the main county archive for ecology information.

For most enquiries, information is available to the general public at no cost.

Commercial enquiries

LRERC can carry out searches of sites and species databases. If searches are made for a commercial reason there is a charge to cover administration costs.

We provide 2 copies of each species report; one as a PDF for inclusion in reports (with sensitive information removed) and one as a spreadsheet.

Explanation of data searches    Opens new window


There is a set fee for each type of search. The fees are calculated from three elements:

  • the time taken to carry out the search
  • database management charge – based on the area of the search and number of species requested
  • administration charge of £90 per data search request

Standard searches

The standard search covers protected and local or national Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) species, and local/national nature conservation sites within a given area.

You can set the search radius to 1km, 2km, 2.5km, 5km or 10km. This will include all records since 1985.

Other options for standard searches include:

  • only protected species/sites
  • only BAP species
  • all species
  • up to 3 species or 1 Taxon group

To request a search, complete the authorisation form:

Search authorisation form    Opens new window

You’ll need to provide, at least, a central 6-figure grid reference for your site, in the format ‘SK123456’.

Non-standard searches

We can provide quotes for customised data searches which are not covered by the standard search.

These searches involve more data processing and so can be more expensive, especially if there are lots of species within a large area. We encourage all customers to use a standard search where possible, and to request the smallest search that will meet their needs.

Negative searches

If the search returns a negative result for sites, species or both, the data management part of the fee will be waived when we invoice you.

Copies of source documentation

Where source documents exist we can provide electronic or paper copies, with electronic scans being preferred. This includes Local Wildlife Site (LWS) citations and source documents for proposed and candidate LWS. We may remove personal information from source documents.

Please ask us for a quote on supplying source documents.

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