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Have your say on how we support children and young people to be healthy in Leicestershire

Have your say on the proposed changes to our Healthy Child Programme (HCP).

This consultation will run from 22 July – 17 September 2021.

Public Health undertook informal engagement during May and June 2021 to gather views of the current service and understand where improvements could be made. Service users and service providers were questioned about their experience of the current service model and where improvements could be made.

Following the earlier review of our existing service and the feedback we received, we would like your views on the proposed changes to the Healthy Child Programme (HCP) for 0-10 and 11+ aged children and young people.

The Healthy Child Programme provides a service for children and families in Leicestershire to improve their physical and mental health. It is available for children and young people aged 0-19 and young people up to age 25 who have SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) or who have left care at 18 years.

As the council is still in the process of defining many key aspects of the HCP this consultation is your opportunity to help shape the future of the service.

Who would be affected by the proposed changes?

  • Children and young people and their families
  • Pregnant women and their partners
  • Professionals working with children and their families 

What we want your views on

0-10 Service

There will be no significant changes for the 0-10 service age group because many services in this area are statutory. Instead, the council intends to look for ways to achieve more consistent practice and an improved offer to families and professionals. 

We also propose an additional check for children aged between 3-4 months (digitally) and a face to face check between 2-2 ½ and school age as recommended in the national review.

There are 6 high impact areas that the government want us to focus on. These are:

  1. Supporting Maternal and Family mental health (New)
  2. Supporting the transition to parenthood (current)
  3. Supporting breastfeeding (Current)
  4. Supporting healthy weight and Nutrition (New)
  5. Improving health literacy; reducing accidents and minor illnesses (New)
  6. Supporting health, wellbeing and development: Ready to learn, narrowing the ‘word gap’ (New)

The consultation and data had identified two additional local priorities. These are:

  1. Supporting Oral Health (New local priority)
  2. Supporting reducing Obesity (New local priority)

11+ Service

We propose that the 11+ age group services should be more targeted to support children and young people transition into school and ensure appropriate support is available. We suggest that the service is focussed around the six high impact areas mandated by the government as well as the four defined local priorities identified through the engagement work earlier this year. (The detailed priorities are in the questionnaire. As per the 0-10 service, the council also intends to look for ways to achieve more consistent approach to practice and an improved offer to families and professionals.

We are also proposing that Leicestershire’s children, young people and their families and carers can access both universal services (open to all) and targeted services (focused on some people) when they need them, to improve their health and wellbeing at the right time, in the right way and in the right place.

For more information please refer to the documents below which were presented to Cabinet on 20 July 2021:

Development of the 0-19 Healthy Child Programme - Proposed Consultation  Opens new window

Additional documents

Appendix A Healthy Child Programme 4-5-6 Model, item 12  Opens new window

Appendix B Summary of Health Needs Assessment for the 0-19, item 12  Opens new window

Appendix C Survey Responses Engagment Feedback, item 12  Opens new window

Appendix D 0-19 HCP Pathway Consultation paper, item 12  Opens new window

Let us know your views

We are keen to hear your views on the proposed changes to the 0-19 Healthy Child Programme in Leicestershire

Complete the online survey

The closing date to complete the consultation survey is Friday 17 September 2021

Please use this opportunity to have your say and we encourage you to promote this questionnaire amongst your networks.

What happens next?

Once the consultation has closed, we will analyse the feedback and will present the outcome of the consultation together with the final service model to the council's Cabinet in the autumn for approval. If you need help to complete the questionnaire, or have any questions about the Engagement Exercise, contact:

Sham Mahmood
Telephone: 0116 305 1644.

Paper copies of the questionnaire are available on request by calling 0116 305 1644.

If you are able to, please complete the questionnaire online to help us keep costs down.

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