Your views on byelaws in Leicestershire's Country Parks

This engagement runs from Thursday 1 December 2022 – Thursday 23 February 2023.

Green spaces have proven to be a lifeline in recent years. Currently Leicestershire’s parks and green spaces have a set of byelaws which were introduced in 2003. Following developments in technology and usage changes across our green spaces, we are looking to update them, and we would like to hear from you.

Local byelaws are seen as additional layer of protection that enables visitors to experience the county’s green spaces at their best while partaking in activities that they love.

In 2003, the county council approved a set of byelaws that covered all aspects of country parks, from protecting wildlife and the environment through to vehicle management and visitor activities.

The new proposals will seek to bring the byelaws up to date reflecting site usage and technology changes that have happened during the last nineteen years.

What are the proposals?

The proposed changes to the current byelaws are as follows:

  • Inclusion of a definition of electrically powered cycles
  • Prohibition of use of BBQs and camping stoves
  • Inclusion and prohibition of sky lanterns
  • Inclusion and prohibition of the release of fire works
  • Improved clarity over the use of model boats
  • Inclusion and prohibition of dogs from designated playground areas
  • Inclusion of dogs on leads areas and dogs on leads by direction
  • Inclusion of and clarity on the use of model electric cars
  • Inclusion of and clarity on the use model aircraft and drones
  • Inclusion, prohibition of and clarity on permission for flyers, graffiti, musical entertainment and Firearms

Please see the documents below which show the byelaws from 2003 and the proposed byelaws that, if approved, would be introduced next year.

Let us have your views 

We are seeking your views on what you think the new byelaws should include to protect our green spaces now and in the future.

The suggested byelaws have been carefully considered to reflect the current usage of the park and modern advances in technology. We are particularly open to your thoughts on the proposed byelaws and any additional considerations you think we should be making.

Share your views by midnight on Thursday 23 February 2023:

Have your say - country parks byelaws questionnaire

If you can, please complete the questionnaire online. If you need a paper copy of the questionnaire, or if you need this information in an alternative format, please call 0116 305 5000 or email

If you need help to complete the questionnaire or have any questions about the consultation, please call 0116 305 5000 or email

What happens next?

After the consultation closes in February, we’ll analyse the results and share the findings with the Development Control and Regulatory Board before going to full council in March 2023.