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Information and advice for active Pension scheme members

Your online account

Your annual statement is available to view online through the online pensions service

You can also use the benefits projector tool which you can use to predict your own pension over a range of dates from age 55 onwards.

If you’re not already registered you’ll need to sign up online You’ll need your national insurance number.

If you have a query regarding the online service, such as how to register or login, as well as password and username queries please call 0116 305 7886 or email us at:

Please note that if your questions are about the actual benefits, you should call 0116 305 4000 to speak to a Pensions Officer, or use the email address: for a more detailed response.

State Pension Age Review

In July 2017 the Government announced plans to bring forward the rise in the State Pension Age to 68. Read more in the DWP fact sheet on the State Pension Age review.

New late retirement factors

On 4 January 2017 the Department for Communities and Local Government introduced new factors to be used in the calculation of late retirements. These are lower than the previous set of factors that were used when members retired later than their normal scheme retirement date.  The pension calculator on our online pensions service is now using the new factors for both the annual pension and lump sum.

General Guides to the LGPS

Pensions made simple

Nationally produced Guide for LGPS members

Guide to the LGPS for eligible councillors in England and Wales

National LGPS website

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