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Resources for researching the history and culture of Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland

Buy copies of Record Office records

Our catalogue items are subject to copyright or other restrictions, including the condition and format of the original. This is at the discretion Record Office staff.

Order forms to download, print and post

Alternatively, email the Record Office directly with your enquiry:

Photocopying and Microfilm orders   Opens new window

Digital copies   Opens new window


  • 50p for A4 Black and white    
  • £1 for A4 Colour
  • 60p A3 Black and white
  • £2 for A4 Colour

Microfilm and Microfiche

  • £1.20 per A4 sheet
  • £1.40 per A3 sheet
  • Microfilm is specially photographed: 54p per frame, minimum order 30 frames
  • Microfiche copies of Parish Registers: £3.50 per fiche, minimum order 5 fiche

Digital copies

  • Scan or photo £2.50 per image
  • Supply on CD or email £1.50 per CD or email plus scan or photo charge

​Printed copies from scanned or photographed images

Standard Paper

  • A4 black and white £1.75
  • A4 colour £2.25
  • A3 black and white £2.25
  • A3 colour £3.40

Parchment paper

  • A4 black and white £2.75
  • A4 colour £3.40
  • A3 not available

Photo gloss paper

  • A4 black and white £3.40
  • A4 colour £5
  • A3 black and white £5
  • A3 colour £7


All charges are inclusive of VAT at the current rate

Search and preparation fee

Orders requiring staff research and preparation time are subject to a fee, in addition to the copying and postal charges.

  • Individuals £10
  • Businesses £50

Minimum charges

  • Orders paid for at the office are not subject to a minimum charge.
  • Orders by post or not pre-paid will be subject to a minimum charge of £5.
  • Postal items paid for by credit card will incur a £2 charge.

Cheques should be made payable to "Leicestershire County Council" and should be included with the order form.

Delivery of copies to you

Depending on the format of the copies requested , you can:

  • receive the copies by post
  • collect copies from the records office (free of charge to collect)
  • receive the copies by email
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