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"All fake good sales are illegal" say trading standards

Trading standards seizures

Trading Standards warn against selling counterfeit goods

Leicestershire Trading Standards are warning people not to try to earn extra money by selling fake goods to pay off excessive January bills - as it is never ok.

The county council trading standards service has noticed a significant increase in sales of counterfeit goods via. social media.

Furthermore, illegal sellers have been mistaken in thinking that it is acceptable to sell such items as long as customers are informed that they are not real, which is not correct.

A recent case by trading standards involved a warrant being executed at a private house in Glenfield, whereby fake good sales were arranged via. Facebook.

Hundreds of branded clothing items were seized and the illegal sellers thought that their actions were acceptable, as they claimed to have informed buyers that the goods were not genuine.

This seller pleaded guilty to a number of offences relating to the possession of counterfeit goods on 14 December at Leicester Magistrates court.

His sentence included a 12 month community order and a curfew over the Christmas period, as well as the seizure and destruction of all items.


Our message to people involved in this illegal practice is that there is absolutely no legitimate way to sell counterfeit goods and this case serves as a warning to those considering it.

“Some counterfeit goods are unsafe and can cause harm to the user of the goods, as well as the loss to legitimate traders. Simply telling customers that goods are fake, copies or replicas will not protect sellers and enforcement action will be taken against them.


Anyone with concerns about counterfeit or unsafe goods or who wants to report a seller of fake goods, can contact Consumer Advice Consumer Service on 0345 404 0506.

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