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Cabinet to discuss developer contributions

Road workers reading a map

District councils urged to ensure developers pay fair share for county services

The call came after it emerged the county council has not received more than £650,000 which it requested to be paid towards local education.


I want to work with district councils to ensure that public services receive the funding that they are due from developers. Without that funding, we can’t provide the roads, schools and other services that are needed when new housing and developments are built.


Over the past two years, the county council has secured £36 million in relation to 100 developments, to fund public services.

Under a rule called section 106, developers are usually obliged to contribute towards roads, schools and other public services that may be required due to the construction of new housing and developments.

District councils decide most development applications and the amount that developers should pay.  Some developers call for section 106 payments to be reduced or waived, in order to make the development more cost-effective.

The county council is now encouraging districts to do more to ensure county services are paid for, to provide the range of services which new communities need and to reduce the strain on neighbouring communities.

The report also recommends that any significant planning decisions made by the districts which don’t reflect the advice of the highways authority on road and transport implications should be relayed back to cabinet.

The cabinet will discuss the report when it meets at 11am on Friday, 17 June. It will be webcast live at and a recording will be available to watch from the following day onwards.

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