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Cabinet to discuss passenger transport proposals

People encouraged to have their say on best use of money to support services.

People are being encouraged to have their say as the county council looks at ways to make the best use of money to support passenger transport services.

Subject to cabinet approval next week, a consultation will launch to seek views on a proposed new policy and strategy for public transport.

Most bus services in Leicestershire are operated on a commercial basis by a number of bus operators at no cost to the council tax payer.

Where there is not a commercial service, the council spends around £2.4m on passenger transport services which support around 40 routes - that’s about £8 per household in the county

A report to Cabinet outlines that many of the council services being provided are very good value for money in meeting people’s transport needs, through subsidised bus services, community-based solutions, demand responsive transport or community transport.

However, some of the current services are being subsidised by as much as £17 per person per journey, so the council wants to consult on what best meets the needs of helping people to attend health appointments, make shopping trips and, in some cases, into employment.


We know that people value their independence, so we’re very aware of the importance of passenger transport services, particularly for rural communities. We’re continuing to face significant financial challenges, but we’re fully committed to continuing to support passenger transport services


Mr Pain added: "However, we need to underpin that commitment by introducing fair and transparent criteria which isn’t in place at the moment. We have to ensure good use of the council’s limited resources by providing fit-for-purpose solutions that best meet the essential needs of Leicestershire’s residents - and that might not necessarily be the provision of a bus."

Last week, the council confirmed that it needs to save £50m over the next four years across all areas,  with the passenger transport proposals expected to save around £400,000.

The cabinet will discuss the report when it meets at 11am on Friday, 9 March - tune in and watch online at: 


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