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Children secure primary school places

Nine out of 10 children secure place at first choice of primary school

aerial view of children painting whilst sat around a table

New figures released confirm that nine out of 10 children across the county have secured a place at their first choice of primary school.

A total of 91.3 per cent have been offered their preferred option, 4.9 per cent have received their second choice and just 1 per cent their third.

A total of 97.4 per cent have a place at one of their top three choices.

Children and parents are being notified by Leicestershire County Council from today (Tuesday, 18 April).


It is very encouraging to report such a high number of children receiving their first choice.


"We understand that not every child will have secured their preferred choice and we are already working closely with those families. Anyone needing advice should get in touch as soon as possible, to discuss what options may be available to them, including an appeal."

More information is available at:

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