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Council’s climate-friendly initiative will help residents create affordable compost corners

Leicestershire County Council is encouraging residents to help their gardens thrive and tackle climate change locally.

Compostable organic waste
Compostable organic waste

Leicestershire County Council is encouraging residents to help their gardens thrive and tackle climate change locally.  

This week is International Compost Awareness Week and the authority is offering cut-price compost bins for as little as £12, to contribute towards the council’s aim of becoming a net zero county by 2045.  

Many people will choose to take advantage of the warmer weather and prepare their garden for the summer months ahead – and composting items like your fruit and vegetable peelings and grass cuttings is a great, natural way to dispose of your organic waste.  

Organic waste sent to landfill cannot decompose properly because it does not have any access to air, so methane is generated – a greenhouse gas which contributes to climate change. 

Composted organic waste will take around a year to decompose and the new compost – a brown soil-like substance with a crumbly texture – can then be dug back into the garden to provide nutrient-rich food for your plants. 

It is a great time for residents to start composting to help reduce waste, lower carbon emissions and live more sustainably. 

Any Leicestershire resident can compost if they have an outdoor space, and free support is available from the council’s master composters. 

We know that residents want to do their bit to make Leicestershire a cleaner, greener place and learning how to compost or becoming a volunteer is one of the many ways residents can do so.

Working in partnership with Garden Organic, the council is on the lookout for new master composters to help reduce the amount of organic waste going to landfill. More than 100 volunteers have helped spread the word across the county since the scheme began in 2008. 

People who sign up will receive free training and can use their own skills and enthusiasm to raise awareness of the benefits of home composting and gardening – as well as bring together their local community.  

The scheme is open to residents of Leicestershire (excluding Leicester City) and volunteers must be over 18. 

To speak to a master composter and receive free guidance, email  

Anyone who would like to apply to become a master composter, or find out more, can visit the volunteering page of the Less Waste website.  

To order a discounted compost bin, you can visit GetComposting, and for handy tips on what you can and can’t compost, you can visit the Composting page on the Less Waste website.

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