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Council community grant ignites huge change for local church

Earl Shilton Methodist Church receives a Shire grant boost

A Leicestershire County Council grant has provided a very warm feeling for users of a local church community building.

Earl Shilton Methodist Church has received a Shire grant of over £9,000 from the council over a four year period to improve its heating system, which benefits a number of local groups.

The community based council initiative is designed to help projects in the county wanting to improve the energy efficiency of their community buildings, reduce carbon emissions and contribute  towards minimising the effects of climate change.

Thanks to the sustainable council grant, the Earl Shilton church hall now has a replacement boiler, together with new radiators and pipework. As a result, rooms can now be individually heated up when required, replacing a single-pipe heating system which moderately warmed the whole building, no matter the number of rooms being used.


We are very pleased to be able to help improve local community buildings like Earl Shilton Methodist Church hall with our Shire grants that have also benefitted so many in our county including charities, parish councils and community groups.

“We encourage applications from organisations and groups in the county who want to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings, as well as reduce running costs.


The Leicestershire based church hall is the meeting place for organisations including the Women’s Institute, a local history group, playgroups and brownies/guides, now has a new “zoned” environmentally friendly heating system.

Its new efficient heating system ensures that the church hall will continue to serve the community in providing a comfortable space for their activities throughout the year.


The grant has enabled us to replace the whole heating system in the hall, which is used by many six or seven days every week. As each room can now be separately and more importantly, efficiently heated, we are now able to gradually reduce our heating and energy bills, as well as provide more comfortable rooms and areas for the hall users.

“Without the Shire Community Climate Change Grant, all the users of our church hall would still be without a comfortable warm environment for their activities.

“A lot of people have commented on “how lovely and warm the hall is since you’ve done the heating” which is a great source of comfort for all our users in the winter months.


The community project used voluntary labour where possible to dismantle the old heating system in the hall and this helped keep the cost of the project down. 

Eligible projects for grants can include energy audits, installation of heating systems, roof or cavity wall insulation and renewable energy systems.

For further information and to apply for a grant, please call Nailesh Ramaiya on 0116 305 8111 or visit Alternatively, you can email

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