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Council leader's statement on HS2

'We need to be in strongest-possible position to get most out of scheme'

High Speed train line

Responding to news that the government is set to give the go ahead to HS2, but with a review of Phase 2b of the project through the East Midlands, Leicestershire County Council leader Nick Rushton said:

We welcome the Government’s go-ahead for HS2 as it will bring significant economic benefits to Leicestershire and the wider economy and radically improve connectivity to cities in the North.

We’re committed to playing a full and pro-active role in representing county communities as we want to put Leicestershire in the strongest-possible position to get the most out of HS2 as well as mitigating the impacts of its construction on local residents.
We’ll be closely following a further review of the second phase of the project, and we’d hope that one of its outcomes would result in better connectivity, particularly for the Midland Main Line.

The Eastern leg of HS2 will run from Birmingham to Leeds, through parts of north-west Leicestershire ,via the East Midlands Hub station at Toton, Chesterfield and Sheffield.  The Eastern leg will serve a combined area of 15 million people which already contributes over £320bn a year to the UK economy.

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