Council renews call to pause local plan

There are concerns about 'significant gaps' in information

Concerns about ‘significant gaps’ in information have prompted fresh calls for Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council to delay its Local Plan.

Leicestershire County Council leader, Nick Rushton, has today (Friday) written to borough council leader, Stuart Bray, urging him to push back the timetable amid ongoing concerns the proposals would be deemed unsound by a planning inspector.

The county council has been working with the borough council to support the Plan for many months and believes that consulting people before county council officers can assess fully the draft is premature.

Nick Rushton states in the letter that the county council is keen to support the emerging blueprint - setting out how land is used and what is built where - but still has ‘insufficient’ information on the local infrastructure and services required to support it.



The County Council is committed to supporting the delivery of sustainable growth. We put in considerable staff time at all stages of the development of Local Plans, for all seven districts, including supporting informal and formal periods of consultation. In Hinckley and Bosworth’s case, the information we have been provided with on key issues is not sufficient – so we are reiterating our request that you delay your timetable.

My officers have worked hard with yours to make the best of the Local Plan information your officers have provided. The reality is that the situation as presented to my Cabinet in September and October last year hasn’t changed. There remain significant gaps in the information required to make a full judgement on your proposals, and without this, we are simply unable to support the Plan

Let me be clear, I want to support your Plan, so I’ll make the request again: delay your timetable, complete the development of your Plan, and provide to us all the information we require to provide a full and supportive response.


Notes to editor

The letter is attached.

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council has indicated a ‘regulation 19’ consultation, asking residents, businesses and other stakeholders for their views, is due to take place in February and March 2022.

Leicestershire County Council works with each of the seven district councils as they draw up local plans to advise on key infrastructure requirements for highways, transport and education. It also advises on other aspects required to enhance existing and create new sustainable communities, such as on the environment, ecology, heritage, adult social care, public health, economic growth and minerals and waste.

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