Councillors band together to thank staff

Group leaders team up to thank staff in a new video

Head of Service Mrs Jones

County Hall’s political leaders have created a video thanking staff for their continued dedication during the coronavirus outbreak.

Nick Rushton, leader of Leicestershire County Council and the Conservative group, Dr Terri Eynon, leader of the Labour group and Simon Galton, leader of the Liberal Democrat group, joined forces to send a message to the thousands of people working in social care, school support, transport and other services.


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During these tough times – our staff are stepping up to the plate – and are continuing to make a very real difference to people’s lives. I want to send a big thank you to all of our staff for their efforts, commitment, diligence and creativity. Over the past few weeks, your dedication, energy and determination to support and protect residents has not gone unnoticed. 

Supporting the most vulnerable remains our top priority and I’d particularly like to thank those staff who work in social care – who are absolutely at the front line, working tirelessly alongside our colleagues in the NHS.


I think it’s really important that we don’t underestimate the enormity of the tasks that colleagues and staff in local government and in the county council are undertaking at the moment. The staff involved in delivering services, whether it’s on front line, or behind office scenes, or wherever you’re delivering services, it’s incredibly important at this time.

So I just want to say thank you and please keep going for the next few weeks. Thank you.


What I want to say to all our staff whether you are directors, managers, frontline staff, back office staff, agency workers, at every level of this organisation, you have made huge changes to your working practices to help us deal with this pandemic. All the changes that you’ve made to the way you work are protecting the staff, our staff, and the NHS, and saving lives here in Leicestershire.

So thank you for contributing to the public health response to this emergency. You are all Covid-19 heroes, and I, and my Labour group, salute you.





  • Are supporting over 5,000 people in receipt of home care, residential care and other social care services – and organisations providing care across the county
  • Are keeping children safe – through visits and assessments
  • Are working with councils, the Government and other partners to support communities
  • Are working with Voluntary Action Leicestershire and British Red Cross to recruit volunteers
  • Are looking at how staff can be redeployed into other roles - so that we can continue to deliver the support people depend on
  • Are supporting schools 
  • Are encouraging staff to work from home, where possible – around 90 per cent of staff are doing so
  • Are working with the emergency services, councils and the NHS to plan and manage the emergency response – as part of the local resilience forum
  • Have closed libraries and museums, as well as sites such as Beaumanor Hall and the Century Theatre
  • Have cancelled events, activities, adult learning classes and clubs due to take place in all libraries 
  • Have closed waste sites
  • Have closed country parks

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