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Councils back fair funding reform

Low-funded councils get behind Leicestershire’s call for fair funding

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Low-funded councils are getting behind Leicestershire’s renewed call for fair funding from the government.

Lincolnshire, Kent, North Yorkshire, Worcestershire, Cambridgeshire and Essex – among the 25 lowest funded councils in the country - are lending their support.

Cross-party support group the County Councils Network (CCN) is also backing the campaign for local government funding reform. 


Shire counties have had the thin end of the wedge for too long. With social care pressures rising, a new fair system matching funding with need is essential. Alongside other councils, we’ve been pressing for reform for many years. And now, momentum and support are growing 


“We’ve drawn up a new model which unlocks millions of pounds for under-funded councils, including £128m for Lincolnshire and £49m for Kent. A crisis of funding is looming which could lead councils to service and financial failure. The current system is broken and with service demands ramping up, it’s time to fix it.”

The new model allocates money using factors including the number of older people, the length of roads travelled by HGVs and the amount of school-age children.

Cllr Paul Carter, chairman of the County Councils Network (CCN), said: “A fundamental review of funding local government is long overdue. We are pleased that the new government has promised to deliver on this.

“There is substantial evidence of significant underfunding for shire county authorities, which has exacerbated the already extreme financial pressures those councils are facing.

“CCN is calling for a ‘new deal’ for all counties following the general election, and a focal point of this campaign will be to ensure there is an evidence-led fair funding mechanism for all parts of local government which must address the inequities in the current system that are a significant burden on county authorities.

“We continue to work with Ministers and member councils such as Leicestershire to devise a new system, delivered as soon as practically possible, which funds councils based on their true need.”

Residents and businesses are urged to get behind calls for fair funding for Leicestershire by completing a short survey – all comments will be sent to the government.

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