County council makes lockdown-easing plans

Changes to concessionary travel to take place from 8 June

Image of the front corner of a bus

We have outlined some of the highways and transport measures we are taking to coincide with the easing of the lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

From Monday (8 June), concessionary travel on public transport will revert to pre-lockdown arrangements which allow free travel for bus pass holders between 9.30am and 11pm (Monday - Friday), all day Saturdays, Sundays and Bank holidays.

During the lockdown, concessionary passes could also be used for free travel before 9.30am so that older and disabled people had access to supermarkets and other essential shops that specifically opened earlier for them. 

The easing of lockdown means more people will be using public transport for work and school during the morning peak hours, so the change is considered necessary to ensure bus users will be better able to follow government social distancing guidelines. 


By reverting to the original times, this allows for social distancing guidelines to be more easily adhered to, while ensuring that the most vulnerable members of our communities are still able to get essential items.

“I would urge people travelling by bus to check if operators have any special rules and arrangements before travelling, to practice social distancing while on board and to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser when they leave public transport. 


During the lockdown period, on-street parking enforcement was also scaled down, although we continued to respond to parking contraventions which impacted on highway safety. 

In line with the latest Government guidance, parking enforcement teams have increased patrolling to reflect an increase in traffic volume and ensure the flow of traffic and the safety of all highway users. 

Penalty charge notices are being issued where safety is a concern, and warnings are being issued to motorists ignoring time-limited parking bay restrictions. From Monday (8 June), the council plan to start moving towards a full enforcement programme. 

There will be specific local arrangements for district and borough off-street car parking in place across the seven districts and appropriate notices will be displayed at car parks to advise the public accordingly.


As more of us, where we can, return to our pre-lockdown schedules, it is vital that we keep traffic moving and our roads safe and clear throughout the county, so our essential workers and emergency services can continue to travel with ease and, more importantly, travel safely.

“We urge people to be considerate of other road users before parking their car.


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