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Deliveries of grit in preparation to tackle winter weather

Council stocking up on grit ready for the cold snap

Grit is being delivered throughout the summer
The county council accepted its first grit delivery last month. Pictured is Councillor Blake Pain.

While it’s been cricketing weather for most of the summer, we have been keeping our eye on the ball when it comes to winter preparations. 

We accepted the first delivery of grit last month as we look to build up our salt levels to more than 18,000 tonnes - the weight of 40 Boeing 747-8f aeroplanes - in preparation for the cold snap.

From now until November around eight loads of grit will arrive every day at our barns in Melton, Misterton, Mountsorrel, Market Harborough and Nailstone.


We may still be enjoying summer, but we have to plan ahead.

“We grit 45 per cent of the county’s roads when the weather takes a turn for the worse, so we need to make sure that we are stocked up in case we are called upon.

“Throughout the winter we will monitor the amount of grit we have and re-order more if necessary.


During the most recent winter, our gritters went out 109 occasions to keep the roads clear.

They went out for the first time on 4th November 2017 and the last occasion was on 28th March 2018, with more than 20,000 tonnes of grit used to keep roads moving during wintry conditions with drivers working round-the-clock to keep the network up and running.

Snow wardens also helped to clear paths and when snow drifts needed to be cleared, farmers were called upon. 

When ice is forecast, 45 per cent of the road network is treated including most A roads, some B and C class roads, major commuter routes and at least one route through all county villages.

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