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Experience driving ahead of first lessons

Pre-driver days for under-17s

Sixteen-and-17-year-olds are being given the opportunity to experience driving for the first time.

Leicestershire County Council is offering pre-driver days, to promote safety and highlight potential risks, at the Mallory Park track on Tuesday, 16th April and Tuesday, 23rd April.

They include an introduction to driving and cover issues relating to speed, safety and also a practical driving session, accompanied by a qualified driving instructor in a dual controlled car.


These are popular courses that play an important role in preparing and educating young people about safer driving. The sessions provide teenagers with a better understanding and knowledge ahead of their first driving lessons on public roads.


Aimed at young people who are interested in learning to drive, these popular courses offer a variety of workshops highlighting key issues faced by young and inexperienced drivers.

Courses cost £50. Further information and details about booking can be found by visiting

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