Flood prevention work gets underway in Mountsorrel

The weather situation is constantly monitored across the county

Flooded road with warning sign

Progress has been made towards finding a solution to flooding problems in Mountsorrel.

We are currently on site investigating what needs to be fixed. From this officers will identify the materials to be ordered and book any specialist equipment needed with works starting on 12 August, as agreed with the property owner.

The aim will be to prevent flooding from occurring in Loughborough Road in the future, which includes fixing the damaged culvert located on private land. 

We are investigating a number of locations across the county where flooding can occur and in light of the situation in Mountsorrel we have made resources available immediately to tackle the issue as a higher priority.

Officers visited affected residents in Loughborough Road today (30 July) to discuss the next steps. They also carried out an initial survey to determine manhole levels and inspected the downstream ditches to ensure they were working properly. 


As the local flood authority, we have a role to assist landowners to investigate problems that occur due to flooding. 

“I’m pleased to say that works have now been planned in to try to solve this issue and we have been working closely with residents to ensure they are kept up-to-date with our progress. 

“We will constantly monitor the weather situation across the county and resources will be available if needed and we will continue to work with residents and landowners to promote resilience.


Residents are also being encouraged to prepare for flooding by:

  • Checking for local flood warnings;
  • Packing a bag including medicines and insurance documents;
  • Keeping vulnerable neighbours informed of any flooding risks;
  • Moving vehicles to higher ground;
  • Shutting and locking all windows and doors; and
  • Putting sandbags in toilet bowls to prevent sewage backflow.

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