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Green plaque to honour former toy factory

Coalville-based factory Palitoy receives an award

Former toy factory, Palitoy, recieves award
Bob Simpson and Bob Brechin helped to unveil a green plaque at the former Palitoy factory

A former factory in Leicestershire which created popular children’s toys such as Action Man, Tiny Tears dolls and Star Wars figures was honoured with a green plaque.

On Thursday, 2 November, the plaque was installed at the Coalville Business Park, in Jackson Street, Coalville, where the toy factory once stood. The company manufactured some of the most popular toys in Britain from 1937 to 1985 – before it ceased trading.

Bob Simpson, who was managing director of the factory between 1969 and 1981, attneded the unveiling, along with Bob Brechin who was a chief toy designer for the firm.


Palitoy not only helped to stoke children’s imaginations with its classic toys and figures it also helped to put Coalville on the map.

“It is fantastic to see that 80 years on, there is still huge support from the people of Leicestershire.”


In 1968, Palitoy was sold to the US giant General Mills, and by the early 80s the Palitoy name was dropped. The factory site remained in operation with the former Palitoy staff but most of the products were developed overseas – spelling the beginning of the end for Palitoy.

Bob Brechin, from Church Gresley, nominated the factory for the county council award.

He said: “It is 80 years since Palitoy toys were first made in Coalville and I thought the famous toy company should be celebrated with a green plaque at this special time.

“Next year is also the centenary of the founding of Alf Pallett’s company Cascelloid, that would become Palitoy. My hope is that the green plaque may be the catalyst for people to remember fondly such toys as Action Man, Tressy, Pippa, Mainline Railways, Girls World, Care Bears and Striker.”

More information on the scheme can be found by visiting here.

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