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Guidance to support transgender students

New guide will help pupils feel safe and happy

Trans toolkit for schools

A new guide to support transgender and gender-questioning students is being made available in schools and colleges across Leicester and Leicestershire.

The 'Trans-Inclusion Toolkit' has been developed by the county and city councils and the Transgender Centre of Excellence, alongside other local authorities and partner agencies.

The toolkit was officially unveiled at the University of Leicester and provides information and guidance on how the schools and colleges can more effectively support transgender and gender-questioning students to prevent transphobia.


We know this is an area where schools have asked for support and the introduction of the toolkit will enable our schools to embed the good work they are doing and further develop their approach to trans-inclusion and support.

We want all children and young people in our schools to feel safe and be happy.


Councillor Sarah Russell, deputy city mayor and lead on education, said: “It’s important that we support schools to be inclusive, open environments where young people can talk about any issue that affects them. Our teachers already do a fantastic job in creating just those conditions.

“This toolkit will help to further equip our teachers so that they can support young people to have open and constructive conversations about gender and gender identity.”

Young trans people, who receive support at the Leicester LGBT centre,  have been integral in creating the toolkit, which is a best practice guide for schools and other settings to become trans-inclusive environments.

Some of the comments from young trans people involved in developing the toolkit included:

"The toolkit is so important as it will help to educate others".

‘This toolkit will help set boundaries for staff who sometimes ask inappropriate questions which they don’t realise are inappropriate’. 

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