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Hundreds supported to quit smoking

Smokers urged to join free stop smoking service

Our QuitReady stop smoking service has helped more than 1,600 people give up the habit over the last year.

Since its launch in 2017, the service has encouraged a total of 1,621 smokers to quit.

Our work has contributed to the latest national figures, released by Public Health England, which show that less than 15 per cent of the population now smoke - meaning the number of smokers has dropped by almost a quarter in five years.

Although we are playing a part, we are urging others to join the ever growing numbers of ex-smokers QuitReady can help.


We're delighted that so many Leicestershire residents have decided to go smoke free.

“We know that quitting is difficult, but smokers are four times more likely to succeed with the support of a stop smoking service.


In a recent survey of local quitters, 88 per cent rated the service they had received from QuitReady as excellent with a further nine per cent rating it as good.

All of the quitters who took part in the survey said they would recommend the service to a family member or friend who wanted to stop smoking.


It is fantastic to see so many of our recent customers have found the service helpful and we hope smokers who want to quit will continue to come to us for support.

“I'd encourage people to sign up for our free service, where dedicated advisors will give you the best chance of success.


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