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Hundreds supported to quit smoking for Stoptober

In-house service helps people kick the habit

Breaking a cigarette

More than 300 people in Leicestershire attempted to ditch the cigarettes during last month’s Stoptober challenge. 

Figures show a total of 332 people were supported by our in-house QuitReady service.


We are delighted that more than 300 Leicestershire residents took part in Stoptober as kicking the habit can be difficult.

“Sadly, smoking is still a leading cause of premature death, which is why we would encourage people to sign up to our free service.


Evidence shows that people who quit for 28-days, are five times more likely to stop smoking for good.  

However, QuitReady advisors say that the first 12 months as an ex-smoker may still present challenges and have issued some top tips to stay smoke free:

  • Remind yourself of the reasons you decided to quit in the first place; 
  • Make a list of all the good things quitting smoking has given you so far;
  • Keep busy and if you want to smoke, distract yourself – cravings shouldn’t last for more than five minutes;
  • The support of friends and family can be vital – tell them that you are determined to quit for good and let them know how they can help you;
  • Staying smoke free is a big achievement. So whether you buy yourself something special with the money you have saved, or go out for a meal with friends, make sure you treat yourself.

You can contact QuitReady for stop smoking advice and support, including free stop smoking medication and E-Cigarette starter kits with follow on nicotine liquids, by calling 0345 646 66 66, texting 'ready' to 66777 or visiting:

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