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It's 20 years since historic Hallaton Treasure find

photo of ancient helmet
The Hallaton Helmet from the Treasure at Harborough Museum

One of the most important Iron Age archaeological finds – the Hallaton Treasure – was discovered just outside Market Harborough in November 2000.

Harborough Museum – which houses and displays many beautiful pieces from the renowned find – is to mark the anniversary by hosting an online panel discussion featuring a wide range of experts who will be taking questions from people logging on.

The free event takes place on Monday 23 November at 1.30pm, when museum staff will be joined by  some special guests with significant links to the find.

They are Ken and Hazel Wallace of the Hallaton Field Work Group, who found the first pieces of the Hallaton Treasure; Vicki Score, Director of University of Leicester Archaeological Services and the Hallaton Treasure project; conservator Marilyn Hockey, formerly of The British Museum, and Helen Sharp, Curator of Archaeology at Leicestershire County Council.

The panel will talk about their expertise, involvement and experience of finding the Hallaton Treasure, and bringing it to its current home in Harborough Museum. The discussion will also explore how understanding has changed in the past 20 years and which stories are still left to be uncovered.

People who want to get involved can log on and ask the panel questions during the Q&A section of the event. Questions can be submitted in advance or on the day during the event, which will take place through Facebook Live. Visit or for more information and to join on the day.

The discovery of the Hallaton Treasure was a major find in the world of archaeology, and it is a great honour for us to be able to display so many items from this find at Harborough Museum.

Even though the current restrictions mean that the museum is unable to open at the moment, we can still celebrate the 20th anniversary of this remarkable find.

The panel discussion will allow members of the public to talk to experts in the field and get a great insight into this wonderful archaeological discovery.

The Hallaton Treasure was discovered in 2000 by metal detectorist, Ken Wallace, and other volunteers from the Hallaton Fieldwork Group, who uncovered items including Iron Age coins and Roman pottery.

Along with the Hallaton Fieldwork group, University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) began excavating what turned out to be one of the most important Iron Age sites in Britain. They discovered more than 5,000 coins, mysterious offerings and a beautiful and unique 1st century Roman cavalry helmet.

The riches of the Hallaton Treasure are displayed in the Treasure Gallery at Harborough Museum, supported by a series of partnerships and funding.

The online Hallaton Treasure exhibition can be visited at

Harborough Museum is operated by Leicestershire County Council in partnership with Harborough District Council and Market Harborough Historical Society.

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