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Last chance to claim hedge packs

Meadow flowers

A final chance is being offered to apply for free packs of hedging plants and hedgerow trees.

The hedge packs are up for grabs in a bid to help Leicestershire’s countryside flourish.


We are committed to growing Leicestershire’s green spaces through a sustained programme of tree planting. The benefits are numerous as the packs will enrich our countryside,  provide fantastic wildlife corridors as well as breaks in the landscape. They are also part of our history.


"The UK is rightly regarded throughout the world for its varied patterns of hedgerows, however, between 1998 and 2007, it lost around six per cent of its managed hedgerows -  and we don't want to see a further decrease."

Up to 100 metres of hedging and 25 trees are available to farmers, parish councils and community groups for planting on publicly accessible land or areas which are visible from a public right of way or highway. The scheme does not extend to private gardens.

The packs are being offered under the Stepping Stones scheme, a programme run by the county council in conjunction with some district councils.

In previous years, a total of 5.5km of new hedgerows and over 1,300 hedgerow trees have been planted as a direct result of the scheme, which is also supported by the Woodland Trust.

To request a pack, call the Woodland Trust quoting ‘Trees Make Hedges’ on 0330 333 5303 or email

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