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New film urges Leicestershire residents to recycle right

The county council fights against contaminated recycling.

man with text box over image explaining how to recycle properly
Cllr Blake Pain speaks about recycling

Up to 4,000 nappies are removed from Leicestershire’s recycling every day, new footage has unearthed. 

Reducing Waste Contamination, created by Leicestershire County Council, encourages residents to recycle right by showing the damaging effects of putting the wrong things in the wrong bins.

The two-minute video gives a behind the scenes look at what happens to residents’ recycling and focuses on the three main contaminants spoiling Leicestershire’s recycling bins; dirty nappies, textiles and food waste.

The film exposes the extent of contamination in Leicestershire and shows the harmful by-products of disposing of rubbish incorrectly.

Up to 4,000 used nappies every day, alongside a tonne of food waste and countless articles of clothing each month have to be extracted from piles of recyclables, often by hand. It’s dirty work.

These contaminants account for just some of the 5,500 tonnes of soiled material that go to waste each year, costing the council around £500,000 to dispose of.

Putting the wrong items in your recycling bin can contaminate good quality, recyclable material. Not only can this have a detrimental impact on our environment, it is time consuming to manage and costly to the taxpayer.

But by making sure we’re recycling right, by rinsing pots, tubs, jars, trays and bottles, placing dirty nappies in general waste bins and donating old clothes to local charity shops or clothing banks, we can work towards making Leicestershire a more environmentally sustainable place to live.

The video below details the full extent of the county council's battle against contamination.

An extended version of the film revealing Leicestershire’s recycling processes, from kerbside collection to sending on for reprocessing can be viewed at;

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