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New priorities to guide council decisions

A new set of priorities to guide council services will be discussed next week.

Leicestershire’s ruling cabinet will consider proposals to define five areas which focus on the difference the council makes to people’s lives.  

The refreshed priorities will help to guide decisions, make the most of resources and ensure joined-up working with other partners.

The five areas include ensuring the county’s economy is strong, that people can be healthy, and they are safe and protected from harm. The list goes on to include work to make sure that communities are thriving and there are quality homes that people can afford.


By describing the difference we will make to people, communities and business, we’re able to sharpen our focus on what really matters – the outcome.

“We’re building on our strengths here. But with further budget pressures down the line it’s vital that we continue to make good decisions and work together with partners. Our plans must have real and lasting benefit for people in Leicestershire.”


The five priorities have been developed using a range of evidence, including population data, surveys and feedback which has informed previous plans.

Cabinet will discuss the outline priorities at its meeting on 23 June.  

Subject to approval, further work will happen over the summer to involve partners in detailed plans.

The details will be considered by the council’s scrutiny commission before any final recommendations in the autumn.

The meeting starts at 11am and will be webcast, live - a recording will be available from the following day.

The council’s current strategic plan was approved in 2014.  In April 2016, the council agreed to review its overall plan – to ensure that it was delivering real outcomes for people.

The five priorities are outlined in the report to cabinet:
1 - Strong economy
Leicestershire’s economy is growing and resilient so that people and businesses can fulfil their potential.
2 - Wellbeing and opportunity 
The people of Leicestershire have the opportunities and support they need to take control of their health and wellbeing. 
3 - Keeping people safe
People in Leicestershire are safe and protected from harm. 
4 - Great communities
Leicestershire communities are thriving and integrated places where people help and support each other and take pride in their local area. 
5 - Affordable and quality homes
Leicestershire has a choice of quality homes that people can afford.


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