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New scheme in Hinckley for young adults with disabilities

Young adults will be supported to develop new skills

A young adult making a cup of tea

A new housing scheme enabling young adults with disabilities to gain valuable life skills and live as independently as possible is being launched in Leicestershire.

We are working with a registered provider to provide a six bed bungalow, in Hinckley, for people with autism or learning disabilities moving from children’s social care to adults social care. 

The first in Leicestershire, the scheme will see people aged between 18 to 25, who are not used to living on their own, get the support needed to help develop daily living skills to manage their own home in the future. Support staff will be on site and provide night time support.

We recognise that there is a demand for housing for younger people who have learning disabilities transitioning into adulthood. 

“That’s why we are beginning to develop adult social care housing as a priority. If we didn’t then these young adults would end up in residential care. 

“This housing will be used as a stepping stone for people who aren’t used to living on their own. Increase their independence in a safe environment, while still ensuring their specific support needs are met.

“We know that living in suitable accommodation is an important part of a person’s wellbeing and this scheme underlines our commitment to providing the best care that we can across the county.

We will continuously review the support that the young adults in the scheme have and when appropriate to do so, steps will be taken to support a move into alternative accommodation.

It is estimated that around six young people per year for the next four years would need similar accommodation to the one in Hinckley and the council is looking at developing options for the future.

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