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Offer support by becoming a Dementia Friend

It's Dementia Awareness Week until 20 May -  and the county council is urging people to become Dementia Friends.

There are predicted to be over 9,000 people in the county living with the condition which the Alzheimer's Society says is likely to be the biggest killer of the 21st century.

Dementia Friends is an Alzheimer's Society initiative which involves people finding out more about how dementia affects a person - and then providing small, everyday things to help. 

Martin Hall, of Narborough, has already signed up as a Dementia Friend.


It's been really rewarding to find out more about dementia and how I can support people. Even the smallest offer of help can make a big difference. The information and advice I received was easy to understand and very practical and I've now become a dementia champion and support other people to become friends. 


To become a Dementia Friend and join nearly two million others, visit

"Dementia tends to affect people differently depending on the type of condition and the extent that their symptoms impact on their lives,” said Heather Pick, the county council's assistant director of adult social care.

“Each person is unique and will experience dementia and the impact on their lives in their own way.  Being a carer of a loved one can be hugely rewarding, but also emotionally draining and isolating at times.”

The county council, along with partners in health, funds and provides a range of information, advice and services to support people affected by the condition. Find out more at:

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