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Park and Stride trial gets more Leicestershire schoolchildren walking to school

A new programme to get children walking safely to school has been piloted in parts of the county.

In partnership with Leicestershire County Council, several schools have debuted ‘park and stride’ schemes.

‘Park and stride’ schemes involve the use of nearby car parks for children to then walk the rest of the way- normally five to ten minutes- to school. This is either accompanied by their parents, carers, or guardians.

The schemes aim to reduce traffic congestion, as well as helping children to be more active while benefiting the environment.

The launch of the scheme at All Saints Church of England Primary School in Sapcote was a great success, with over 100 children – equivalent to more than one third of the school – taking part.

The Park and Stride scheme is a really exciting new way we can tackle several problems at once.

Park and strides can help reduce traffic congestion, get kids active and healthier and reduce air pollution near schools all at once.

I’m pleased we’ve got several schools which have taken up this option to begin with, and I look forward to park and stride coming to even more schools very soon.

Children at Sherrier Primary in Lutterworth took part in their own park and stride scheme, with the children acting as junior safety officers, teaching their peers about road safety.

Four schools have signed up to the launch of the park and stride scheme. The schools involved in the trial were:

  • Townlands Primary in Earl Shilton
  • All Saints Primary in Sapcote
  • Woodland Grange Primary in Oadby
  • Sherrier Primary in Lutterworth

It is hope that park and stride will expand out to include more schools over time. More schemes will open next month to mark National Walking Month. 

Schools are also encouraged to work with local businesses to launch their own park and stride schemes, such as by using local car parks which are available at off peak times.

If you would like to launch a park and stride scheme with your local school, please contact

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