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Preferred route for Melton relief road announced

Road workers reading a map

Work on the Melton Mowbray relief road is gathering pace following Leicestershire County Council’s successful bid for £49.5m of Government money to help fund the scheme.

Around £14m is also being committed through county and borough council funding, with the intention that much of this will be paid back through developer contributions for proposed new housing. The council will submit an application to its own planning authority.

And it has also announced the preferred route for the relief road, which will cut congestion and support plans for more houses and jobs. It is due to be completed by 2022.

The relief road will run to the north and east of Melton, starting on the A606 Nottingham Road and crossing Scalford Road, Melton Spinney Road and Thorpe Road (A607) before rejoining the A606 Burton Road.

Following a public consultation last year and further discussions with landowners and key stakeholders, a preferred route has been developed that differs slightly from the recommended route submitted to the Department of Transport.

The changes, which closely reflect the feedback from the consultation, include:

•Working closely with Natural England and the Environment Agency to minimise the impact on the River Eye site of special scientific interest by diverting the river to the south of its current location;

• Re-aligning the route to the north between Scalford Road and Melton Spinney Road to reduce impacts on a proposed housing development allocated in Melton Borough Council’s Local Plan;

•Moving the road further away from Melton Country Park;



We believe we are striking the balance between supporting a scheme which boosts town growth and reducing the environmental impacts. The preferred route has been developed after gaining a lot of feedback, including talking to landowners, developers and other interested parties

The county council has also worked closely with the borough council, which has contributed around £400,000 to develop the proposals.

The borough council’s Local Plan includes the construction of over 6,000 new homes and development of 51 hectares of employment land around Melton Mowbray to 2036.


“The views of the residents have been vital to shaping the route and these changes help us to protect the country park and enable us to deliver the housing aspirations outlined in our Local Plan. It is fantastic that these plans are now coming to fruition and we can see the delivery of the bypass now in sight


The county council has also made a successful expression of interest to another Government funding stream - the Housing Infrastructure Fund -  for financial support to develop a road programme in the south of Melton.

Further details of the scheme can be found at




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