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Reablement service helps reduce hospital readmissions

Care is being put into place using the council's reablement service which will help reduce hospital readmissions.

Our reablement service helps people to regain their confidence and skills following a hospital stay, so they can continue to live independently in their own home.

Care is put in place to meet the individual’s needs so they become less reliant on social services, and this prevents re-admittance to hospital or a care home

Figures released by the GMB union earlier this year showed that, nationally, number of days lost to ‘delayed transfers of care’ has increased by 20 per cent in East Midlands’ hospitals, between 2011/12 and 2015/16.

However, in Leicestershire, there have been significant improvements during the past 18 months, with a 36 per cent reduction in delayed bed days compared to 2014/15.

The council is pleased with the recent improvements, against a backdrop of Leicester’s hospitals being some of the busiest in the country. We are committed to ensuring services are provided in a timely way and work very closely with the patient, families, carers and other health agencies to address an individual’s needs.


Case study

Vic is in his 60’s and now lives alone. He had a stroke which affected his left side and has little function in his left arm – effectively, he cannot grip.

His partner, who died a couple of years ago, did all the cooking in the household. Since then, Vic has been reliant upon his daughter and home care services for his drinks and meals.

The county council’s reablement service helped him to use a microwave so he can reheat ready meals for himself and a kettle was fitted on t a tipper so that he can make drinks

Vic is happy to be more independent, his daughter has more time for herself and Vic is no longer in need of home care.



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