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Residents give views on making communities great

How to make a difference in communities set to be discussed

Victims of hate crime urged to report incidents

Local people and groups have shared their views on a refreshed approach to working with communities.

In the plan – known as the Communities Strategy, and published yesterday – we set out our continued commitment to work together with communities to make a difference to people’s lives.

We ran events and workshops and asked for feedback about the plan via social media. People discussed what it is that makes a good community, how they could get involved, and how we could work with them.

Residents felt that ‘community spirit’ and a sense of neighbourliness was key, and that they needed to easily access information, guidance and advice from public and voluntary sector organisations.

The final event - the Communities Summit - was attended by more than 60 volunteers, voluntary sector employees and community groups from around the county who met to look at ways they could work together to make a difference.

Since our first Communities Strategy was adopted in 2014, significant progress has been made.

Thirty local libraries are now being run by community groups and volunteers, and 300 projects have been funded through our Shire Grants scheme. The refreshed strategy provides direction for the next five years, with the ambition being that communities can thrive, take pride in their local area and are able to help themselves.


We’ve explored the ideas set out in our draft Communities Strategy over the last few months.  People want to be in the driving seat and make a difference locally. Where there is enthusiasm and community spirit, people often just need to tap into the right skills, knowledge or resources to make things happen.

"Everyone in Leicestershire has a stake in making this work.


Read the draft strategy

The draft strategy will be considered by our cabinet on Tuesday, 12 December.

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